Help save Faversham’s Magna Carta

Faversham’s 700 year old copy of the Magna Carta is under threat.

Faversham Town Council are considering plans to sell one of the town’s most famous treasures, as part of plans for the future of the Town Hall.

The document is one of just seven in existence and was presented to the Barons and port of Faversham in 1300.

Rather than sell this unique part of the town's heritage, it should be displayed for people to appreciate and help bring visitors and income into Faversham.

There were plans to display the Magna Carta in the Town Hall at 12 Market Place, but this is now in doubt as Faversham Town Council consider the building's future.

Please sign the petition below to stop Faversham's heritage being sold off and keep this document in our town where it belongs.

Save Our Magna Carta

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"Faversham's copy of the Magna Carta should not be sold and the Town Council should commit to displaying it publicly instead." Do you agree?